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2008 Harvest Scene...  
loading the truck
Gerry Reed unloading canola into Lyle Roseen's GMC truck

 From the September 5, 2008 Pioneer Front Page:

4-H State Fair results

Katie Peterson and her ewe

Katie Peterson of Malung was the big winner among the Roseau County 4-H-ers that went to the Minnesota State Fair in 2008. Katie won Grand Champion with her yearling ewe and helped the sheep contingent from Roseau take home the sheep herdsmanship award.

 Four of the 7 animal species represented by Roseau County won 1st place herdsmanship in awards in 2008. Those animal groups include beef, dairy, swine and the before named sheep. Along with keeping stalls clean and uniform, the youth are also expected to interact with the crowd, set up displays and educate visitors to the State Fair about Agriculture. The Roseau youth did an outstanding job on this. First time chaperone LeAnn Gust said, “These kids work harder than ever, in five days we did not leave the barn. They are so dedicated to their animals and I have definitely seen a lot of pride shown.” 


Katie and her Ewe

The dairy crew

The Dairy Showmanship crew

The complete livestock results are shown below:

 4-H’er                                      Club                             Animal Species             Ribbon
Clint Brobst                              Grygla Go Getters                    Beef                             Blue
Derian Byfuglien                       Dieter Doers                             Beef                             Blue    
Krysta DeMolee                       North Star                                Poultry                         Red
Shyanne Gust                           Grass Lake                               Rabbit                          Red
Shyann Cieklinski                     Grass Lake                               Rabbit                          Blue
Matt Green                               Green Acres                             Dairy                1st Place Blue
Michele Green                          Green Acres                             Dairy                            Red
Michele Green                          Green Acres                             Showmanship           8th place
Monica Green                          Green Acres                             Dairy                            Red
Trustin Gust                              Grass Lake                               Dairy                            Blue
Courtney Kirkeide                    Green Acres                             Dairy                            Red
Kayla Kirdeide                       Green Acres                             Dairy                            Red
Lucinda Wiskow                      Grass Lake                               Dairy                            Red
Marcus Wallace                       GrassLake                                Swine                           Red
Lesile Smebak                          Wannaska                                Sheep                           Red
Rita Smebak                             Wannaska                                Sheep                           Red
Katie Petersen                          Malung                                    Sheep           Grand Champion
Amy Hasbrouck                       Grass Lake       `                       Goat                             Red
Cory Hasbrouck                       Grass Lake                               Goat                             Red

2008 General Encampment Minnesota State Fair Results

CJ Hulst and Tori Lein giving a demonstration

cj and tori

At the 2008 Minnesota State Fair, 4-H once  again played a pivotal role in youth development and public education. Over 7,000 4-H youth from across Minnesota had the opportunity to interact with the public and educate fairgoers through 4-H exhibits, demonstrations, performing arts, Arts – In performances, and 4-H promotion.

Thirty of the three hundred plus members of the  Roseau County 4H program (completing 6th-12th grade) took part in General Encampment judging  held August 28-30 at the 2008 Minnesota State Fair.     The Roseau County 4-H program consists of twelve clubs; the Badger Pacers, Dieter Doers, Grygla Go Getters, Gopher, Malung, Wannaska, Shooting Sports,  Green Acres, Grass Lake, and North Star clubs. There is also a group of Independents 4-H members and two after school clubs/Programs Cool Clover Kids (3-6th grade) and Roseau Cloverbuds (K-3rd grade)

 4-H projects give youth the opportunity to stimulate their curiosity and cultivate their interests, learn new skills, develop leadership experiences, increading community involvement, building friendships, and having fun.  The 4-H’ers of Roseau County are generating the skills to help them paint a brighter future for themselves, their communities, their country, and even their world. 

Minnesota 4-H uses group conference style of judging at the State Fair.  The 4-Hers’s in a project area and evaluator (judge) discusses their projects, creating a more complete learning experience. Based on both the discussion and the project itself, the exhibit receives a white, red, blue, or purple ribbon (purple indicates excellence).  Participation ribbons are also awarded in some areas.   

Listing Below are the names, clubs, project area, and ribbon placement of the Roseau County 4-H members that were judged at the  2008 State Fair.

  1. Karla Alme (Green Acres) - Flower Gardening, Blue
  2. Greta Brunelle (North Star)- Citizenship, Red R
  3. Katlyn Byfuglien (Cool Clover & Shooting Sports)-Child & Family Development, Red
  4. Emily Carlson (Cool Clover Kids)- Demonstration, Red
  5. Dillan Cieklinski (Grass Lake)- Shop, Red
  6. Shannel Dahlgren (North Star)- Fashion Review-Clothes U Make, PA
  7. Mariah Ellefson (Gopher) -Exploring Animals, Blue
  8. Bethany Erickson (Dieter Doers), Safety, Blue
  9. Rose Gracza (Wannaska)- Club Community Pride, Red
  10. Sarah Grafstrom (Cool Clover)- Demonstration (team) Red & Food Review, Blue
  11. Amy Hasbrouk (Grass Lake)- Water/Wetlands, Red
  12. CJ Hulst (Malung)- Demonstration (Team), Blue
  13. Brett Johnson (Gryla Go Getter)- Vegetable Gardening, Blue
  14. Cole Knochenmus (Cool Clover & Shooting Sports)-Aerospace, Blue
  15. Emilee Knochenmus (Cool Clover)- Fashion Review-Clothes U Buy, PA
  16. Alyssa Langaas (Independent)-Fine Arts, Blue
  17. Katelyn Langaas (Independent) -Fine Arts, Blue
  18. Tori Lien (North Star)-Demonstration (team), Blue
  19. Emerson Michal (Malung)-Performing Arts, Red
  20. Kelsey Mosher (Grygla Go Getter)-Digital Photography, Blue
  21. Kim Moe (Grygla Go Getter)-Digital Photography, Blue
  22. Joseph Olson (North Star)-Food Preservation, Blue
  23. Michele Lorenson (Grass Lake)-Home Environment, Red
  24. Mariah Lorenson (Green Acres)-Quilting, Red
  25. Trista Robinson (Malung)-Shooting Sports, Blue
  26. Jake Saurdiff (Grygla Go Getters)-Food Prevervation, Blue
  27. Hannah Saurdiff  (Grygla Go Getters)--Video, Blue
  28. Rita Smebak (Wannaska)-Club Communtiy Pride, Red
  29. Rebecca Sys (Malung)-Needle Arts, Blue
  30. Daniel Waage (Grass LakeShooting Sports)-Shop, Red

If you’d like the experience of going to State Fair and displaying your project join the Roseau County 4-H program and come see why thousands of others are expanding their horizons.  For more information about 4-H, contact Sandi Weiland, 4-H Program Coordinator, at the University of Minnesota Extension office at 218-463-1052 or 1-800-450-1052.